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India Digital Summit: Promising days ahead for Startups in India

The 10th India Digital Summit, with the theme ‘Stand-Up Start-Up’, saw the coming together of startups and investors from all across India, and the world. There were inspirational talks and discussions by the founders of popular Startups that are now a name to reckon with, like Paytm, Shopcules, Meru Cabs, Oxigen Wallet, to name a few. Aspiring startups introduced their innovative products before a bevy of investors gathered from all around the world.

Hundreds of executives from sectors like Mobile & Internet, Technology, Cloud, eCommerce, Travel, etc. attended the two-days meet, on Feb 10th and 11th, 2016. The largest gathering of the Digital organizations was conducted by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), at The Lalit Hotel in New Delhi. The conference covered a broad range of topics related to the web and the mobile like value added services, payment, and networking, etc. Also discussed were issues relating to the use and application of various digital media -the web, mobile, social media, etc. Startups got insight into efficient positioning and promotion of Brands and their products.

Various Sessions discussed the penetration of internet in different sectors. Founder of Startups which made successful inroads in categories like food, rural India, health, travel, books, education, and women empowerment, participated in the discussions. According to experts in the online education courses, there is a great possibility for Edu-Tech in rural India. And people in rural India are ready to pay for the education products they buy online’.

A wide range of interesting products was introduced by startups before prospective investors and delegates. One interesting product was an App with which all of the Apps in the mobile can be opened at a faster pace. The age of the startups aspirants is decreasing with some of those claiming to be technical head of companies were still studying in college.

In the Valedictory Address, Jayan Sinha, Minister of State of Finance, Government of India, said that ‘Technology is the secret sauce of India’s transformation.’ Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Rajya Sabha Member, who founded BPL Mobile, discussed the relevance of Net neutrality. Overall in the two days of Leadership talks, discussions and networking among delegates, there was a feeling of positivity with hopes of greater days ahead for aspiring startups.

The 4G and Sabji Connection

Yesterday I saw my four month old nephew for the first time on Skype. My brother resides in a village 3000 km away from my city, and our four months effort to see the baby was fruitful only when the mobile connections in my home town got upgrade to 4G yesterday.

During childhood when my mother fumbled with the television remote she used to say, “Children grasp technology very fast”. Yesterday mother talked like a  technocrat, she said, “Today the towers got upgraded to 4G, so we could call you on Skype.” And if that wasn’t enough she scolded me for wasting time going for tailoring classes when “you can easily learn stitching on YouTube”. I won’t be surprised if mother is jealous not about the Costly Saree of her friend but of the latest technology phone that she is using.  Very soon she might demand an Octacore mobile as she needs to check out a new recipe, and watch her favourite Television Serial, all the while talking to to me on Skype. Of Presently only Octacore mobiles can open every application very fast and work without any glitch.

Thanks to the advance in technology, the Smartphones and the Androids, we city dwelling children feel closer to our parent in faraway villages. I communicate with my cousins, uncles and aunts daily using Whatsapp and Facebook. There’s hardly any relative who doesn’t use a Smartphone or a Android Phone.  By the time father called his siblings and friends to inform them about the good news they had already seen the baby on FB – brother had already uploaded the baby’s picture.

Villagers are the latest amateur Technocrats, as they like to be gifted with mobile phones. Friends and relatives from world over gift the latest technology phone to the villagers, whereby they get self-educated in technology and General Knowledge. Recently we heard Prime Minister Modi talk about Imran Khan, a Government Primary School teacher in Rajasthan, who developer 52 Education Application for students.

The rapid evolution in Smartphone technology can help the villager to improve their farming without waiting for Government support. They can learn farming methods of growing vegetables (sabji) on YouTube and Download various Apps to improve their harvest.  A Digitally empowered and Improved  India will become reality when every villager uses Smartphone technology just like they made Tractor a part of their Farming and Social life.

Kids give a new twist to mccain Smiles Canapes

Since kids are big consumers of McCain Smiles, I asked few kids to demonstrate how they will use McCain to make someone smile. The kids were all willing to wear the hat of a chef for a day. They used every ingredient provided and gave McCain smile a new delicious look. The  kids twisted the Salamis and placed on the smiles, giving a new twist to the McCain Canapes. Watch the Video here to see the Kids preparing McCain Smiles Canapes.

Give the kids a packet of McCain Smiles and they will fry and eat it within minutes.  McCain Smiles is the favourite food of kids as it is easy to prepare. Nowadays most kids are little Chefs as most mothers are employed; and they live in nuclear families. Apart from being a ‘Chat-phat’ snack, McCain is quite Indian in Nature. As is McCain Snacks, Potato is the basic ingredient of many Indian snacks like Samsoas, Kachodis, Pakodas, etc. McCain Smiles can also be fried in air fryers, whereby making the smiles a less oily, healthier and quick to prepare snack.

Believe it or not! Myntra App can keep the Doctor Away

It’s burning like a furnace out there this Summer and so after work there is only one option which is to rush back home and cool yourself. So what about all the Summer shopping that has to be done for garments and accessories…………………Download Myntra App and do all the shopping in the comfort of your Home, Office or Metro……….

Five reasons why you must download Myntra App for Shopping:

No need to go out in the burning Sun

You are not only saved from the scorching heat and sweat, but also the expense incurred on drinks and transportation.

The App is all kinds of your favourite shopping hangouts at the fingertip

You get all the option on your fingertips –  Casuals, Formals, Party Wears, so you don’t have to decide on which shop to go based on the kind of shopping you want to make.

Make as many selections as you want

As you are shopping at leisure, seated comfortably and enjoying a snack you can select without exhaustion for hours together.

No need to get stifled by the sweaty crowd

When Myntra announces a bumper discount sale, you can coolly select your products without being pushed around by the crowd.

World Fashion at your doorstep

Myntra App Opens the door to  some of the biggest Signature Brands of India, in whose Showroom you wouldn’t dare to enter in a Mall fearing the exuberant price tags. Have a sneaky peaky  at those Celebrity Brands using Myntra Apps  and you might be lucky to Grab some jaw dropping offers.